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Sexy Sustainability


The Brand

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+Olive is the next generation of luxury and sustainable furniture and a cutting-edge retail concept in Carmel, California.  Ashley Yeates the Principal of AYI & Associates, an exclusive and boutique design firm, created the line to resolve frustrations with a lack of quality and natural furniture options available on the market.

“The +Olive lifestyle line accurately represents the character of my Northern California community which is deeply committed to preserving nature, protecting the environment, practicing overall wellness and recognizing our impact on multi-generations. On a superficial level, the concept is named after my long haired, red dapple dachshund Olive who has olive green eyes; on a more meaningful level, +Olive represents Biblical references to the strength and longevity of the Olive Tree.”-Ashley Yeates

+Olive signature lines are currently in production in California and Arizona using North America Hardwoods, non-toxic upholstery materials and low VOC finishes.  As a proud member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, +Olive brand encompasses multiple original furniture lines and encourages consumer creativity and product uniqueness while adhering to soft impact manufacturing practices.

The Store


The Carmel retail concept incorporates other like-minded companies, Cisco Brothers, Environment, Palecek for example, and conducts workshops in an effort to promote consumer awareness, product longevity and individual creativity resulting in a more meaningful life from mindful consumerism. 

“Americans need to think twice about overpaying for poorly manufactured items from foreign countries and start taking pride in the creation of well-made American furniture pieces that can become part of their history like our grandparents practiced.”  -Ashley Yeates

+Olive seeks to educate on thoughtful purchasing and to create a shift back to values of quality and supporting local commerce. This concept supports healthier lives, pure spaces, safe environments, smaller footprints and richer economies.

The Founder


In 2001, Ashley Yeates launched the first of her enterprises—AYI & Associates—a boutique interior design firm. Established in Dallas, Texas, she moved the boutique firm to Carmel, California in 2005. A graduate of Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law and a licensed attorney in the State of Texas, Ashley decided to put her entrepreneurial skills to work in pursuing a life-long passion for design. Today, her successful endeavors include +Olive, +Olive HC and CUSP.

“Two of my strongest childhood memories are now being carried out: one, the world is a big yet reachable place and two, I can make it better. At school, I used to swing as high as possible on the West Texas playground looking across the desert horizon and onto the earth’s curvature hoping to go out into the world and make a difference. At home, I ran the pastures in my Wonder Woman outfit feeling in touch with the animals and capable of protecting others. Once I opened the new AYI & Associates Design Studio at the back of +Olive, it only seemed appropriate to add a big office swing. Although I retired the super hero suit, I feel empowered when combining the beauty of nature with fabrics and fashion to create a lifestyle line capable of shifting the way we manufacture, consume and leave this planet.

 Buy Right, Buy Once  Sustainable  Comfortable  Elegant
In a world of mass consumerism, it is easy to become caught up in right here right now. Unfortunately, five years down the road when your sofa sags, fabric fades and case goods are full of irreparable scratches, you are left wondering, “Why did I spend the money in the first place?” We believe: if you buy something you love, made with quality craftsmanship, and using natural materials that stand the test of time, you create not only a better home, office or hotel, but a better planet. Let’s create a better planet together. Sustainability is a multi-step process that takes into consideration product design, material sourcing, manufacturing, waste treatment, labor practices, shipping and transportation and overall impact on the environment. +Olive recognizes the impact furniture has on health.  Our goal is to create furniture made from the finest materials and sustainable resources free of pesticides and chemicals. We adhere to humane and fair-trade business practices and require the same of our vendors.  From the process to the product, every step is a chance to change the world. In an increasingly fast pace world, +Olive recognizes the value of building comfort. Whether working, vacationing or relaxing at home, quality furniture must translate into quality of life. The use of hypoallergenic, renewable and biodegradable materials like natural dunlop latex not only relieves medical concerns, but also allows for natural mold and dust mite resistance. This latex from the Hevea tree, is an open-cell structure that provides orthopedic support and helps relieve pressure points. We find comfort in supporting American made products.

Every piece of furniture is built with intention and style, “It’s my goal to add elegance to natural, comfortable and durable furniture, I like to call it sexy sustainability.” Created by an interior designer with 16 years of residential and commercial experience, the line seeks to offer limitless opportunity to define one’s own style.  Timeless elegance is incorporated into all of +Olive’s transitional, modern and traditional pieces. +Olive will be the next generation of antiques.





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